Demolishing a structure takes much more care and attention than simply knocking it down. At Baxmeyer Construction, we have the experienced personnel and specialized equipment that allow the job to be done quickly and efficiently while ensuring the safety of our teams as well as any surrounding structures.

Transform Your Property

As commercial buildings and structures become older, they’re often being demolished to make room for bigger buildings, roadways, and multi-use retail spaces. If you have a building or structure that needs demolished, call the professional demolition team at Baxmeyer Construction.

We work with each of our clients to determine the most appropriate type of demolition service that is best suited to their individual project in the St. Louis Metro East Area, whether it be complete implosion to demolition or light dismantling. Our teams do their best to provide a quick and professional demolition experience so that you can begin the next phase of your project with a cleanly stripped and prepped area. We’ll also help you obtain the proper permits, if necessary, to ensure all areas of your demolition project are handled safely and within proper zoning laws and building codes.


Complete or Partial Demolition Services

Baxmeyer Construction provides demolition services for both small and large buildings, including Explosive implosion, complete demolition, selective demolition/dismantling, and more.

For your next demolition project, choose a company you can trust. Contact Baxmeyer Construction today.

Demolition Sample of Projects

  • Scott Air Force Base – Cardinal Creek/Wherry/Shiloh West Demolition – Shiloh, IL
  • Armour Packing Plant – Implosion and Mechanical Facility Demolition – East St. Louis, IL
  • Forest Lakes Subdivision – Tree Clearing, Earthwork, Stabilization – Caseyville, IL
  • House Demolition – Granite City, Madison, Cahokia, East St. Louis, Belleville, Waterloo
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To get started on your project plans, or for more information on the work we perform, contact Baxmeyer Construction today. We look forward to working with you!


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